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Well tonight we took time off from cooking and went to our local Indian restaurant Tandoor Flame in Webster. I had never had Indian food before and several things caught my eye, so much so that deciding seemed an impossible task.
We started first with the assorted veggie appetizers which included veggie samosa, veggie pakoras, paneer pakoras and aloo tikki. In short it was veggies in chickpea flour and fried, cheese treated the same way and a wonderful peppery potato and pea cake.
Dinner for hubby was tandoori chicken, so much that he had 5 legs on the plate! Mine was the rogan josh that you see in the picture here and we both had basmati rice and naan. Both entrees were good, his chicken fell off the bone and was so flavorful but not overly spicy. My dish was pure heaven! Lamb in a super flavorful yogurt sauce which I spent the meal sopping up with both the rice and the naan. I did however stop myself halfway through so that I had lunch for tomorrow and room for sharing a dessert.
We had Kheer, which is a rice pudding, only with more liquid. We had the option of having the almonds, cashews and raisins on the top or left off. We chose to leave them off, but after a few tastes I was wishing we hadn’t. It was good and sweet and having the added items would have given us more texture and flavor… so maybe next time.
We will be back to try other things as this is a great little place and seems to be family run. As of this moment I’m on the hunt for the perfect recipe of Rogan Josh to make here at home… I swear it’s like crack!


This is my first picture that I would consider food porn, so if you’re offended, please look away before you gain weight looking at the screen. For those of you still looking, these are actually not too bad for you! They come from the March/April edition of… you guessed it… Clean Eating Magazine. And they are so simple to make, almond butter, sucanat (my first encounter), egg, baking soda and dark chocolate. They are a little crumbly (did I bake them a little long… will have to make a second batch to test that theory) but they are very good. And while I’m smart enough to know they’re not guilt free (is anything on this earth really???) I at least don’t feel as bad as if I’d had a half a pack of oreos or chips ahoy!
You may return to your drooling…

Orange Beef and Broccoli

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Tonight was a super easy supper again, well… easy as long as you prep ahead of time. In the newest issue of Clean Eating Magazine, there was a recipe for Orange Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry. The hardest thing about stir-fry is the prep, but there are ways to cut down on that if you desire. My recipe called for broccoli crowns cut into bite size pieces, I cut them, but you could easily buy them off the salad bar if there is one in your market. The same with the chopped onion and peppers, they are on salad bars, in prepared produce sections and even in the freezer section if you’re lucky. But I have time on my hands so I did things the old fashioned way, which doesn’t take as long as you might think. So, onion, bell pepper (yellow… no green for me thanks!) and broccoli cut up… what’s that in the back of the produce drawer…hmm and escaped yellow squash from last week, better throw that in too. Then I thin sliced the steak and threw together the sauce and put it all in the fridge.
Hubby gets home and I go to work again (I have been working in the meantime and I have a food porn pic for that, I’ll post it in a min.) anyway, boil the noodles, stir fry everything…(I have to get a bigger pan!) and here you have dinner! Filling and easy and with enough leftovers for a few lunches.

mushroom tamale pie

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a vegetarian dish for dinner last night if you can believe that. He looked through last month’s copy of Clean Eating and chose Wild Mushroom Tamale Pie. It’s a very simple dish, sauted onion, tomatoes, mushrooms of your choice (I used a blend), corn, chicken broth, cumin, cayenne and corn bread mix. Being the inventive person I am, I made some changes before even trying this for the first time. I added some cilantro to the onions and tomatoes as they were cooking (it called for it as a garnish, but I have it chopped in a tube, not fresh). I also added a pinch of smoked bitter-sweet paprika to the seasoning blend, and I subbed a cornbread mix that was stone ground for the regular and mixed some goat cheese into it.
All in all it turned out well, but there are changes I would make next time too. I’d peel the tomatoes first (the peels rolled up on themselves and made eating it interesting), and I might bake the muffin mix separately and serve it to the side as more of a stew. And I might think of adding some meat, just to see what it’s like. But I will be making this again.

Brian’s entree

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Well, Sunday was hubby’s turn in our Chopped-style competition. I gave the poor man Chicken Breasts, Golden Raisins, Coconut Milk and Pizza dough. Now me, I’d have turned it into a curry with a bread side dish, but he took it into his head and made a salad with romaine and spinach, golden raisins, baby bella mushrooms, croutons and a strawberry coconut milk dressing. Pair this with a coconut crusted chicken breast and a roll into which he mixed more golden raisins.
There were things I would have done differently, but there were things I never thought of and liked, such as the raisins in the dough.
All in all this has been fun and I can’t wait to do it again this next month.

Kate’s soup

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So last night was round one of our version of Chopped. I was in charge of appetizer/soup and hubby gave me as my ingredients strip steak, brown rice large pasta shells and nori sheets. Now, the steak and the pasta, no problem but how to combine it with the seaweed?
Well, I ended up marinating the steak in pineapple juice, lemon grass and galangal. Boiled the shells in water infused with red curry paste, and combined them into a soup made with chicken stock, onion, carrot, yellow squash, red bell pepper and coconut milk. So how did I get the seaweed in? Thin sliced and stirred in at the very end, it softened and salted the soup.
I guess it wound up ok, but I was a little afraid to over season so I under did. Next time I wouldn’t make that mistake.
So what would you have made with my ingredients? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Shepard’s pie

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I’ve figured out what makes cooking so much easier these days, prepping ahead! Last night’s dinner could have taken a long time after hubby got home, but by making the filling and the potatoes and storing them in the fridge, all I had to do was pop it in the oven when he called to say he was on the way home.
That being said, while this was a really healthy and good tasting dish, I think I would have preferred a thicker sauce to coat the turkey. Without the thicker sauce, it was a little dry. And I think it might have been in the oven a little long waiting for hubby to drive through the snow so if I were to make it again, I’d add a little more liquid to the potatoes to start.

Tonight is a leftovers night so there won’t be a post tomorrow, but hubby and I are starting a new activity together and tonight is the first night. We’re splitting up a Chopped-like meal over three nights once a month. Tonight is my night to make an appetizer with ingredients he chose for me, tomorrow night is dessert with ingredients we both chose and Sunday is entree by him with ingredients I picked. I’ll take pics and post what we come up with if anyone cares to read about it. I’m thinking it will be fun and a challenge, but only time will tell!


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Well, good morning, good afternoon, whatever time of day you happen to be here. This is a good day for me, after getting on the scale I discovered that I have dropped 3 pounds this week. And this better eating is the only change I’ve made, so I’d say it’s working! And the best part about it all is that it’s really tasty food….
Great example is the fajitas from last night. Steak marinated in citrus juices and chili powder, bell peppers and red onions in the same marinade. All on whole wheat tortillas with homemade pico de gallo and guacamole. And they were even better for lunch today (which is when I took this picture.. better lighting). And I was pleasantly surprised at home fast it went together, not including cook time it only took an hour to prep everything.
I did find that the tomatoes were really below what I would have liked to have, so I can’t wait for winter to be done so I can go to some local markets for better produce and make these again. Want to look ahead and find your local markets or restaurants where they serve local? Try searching Local Harvest, they’re a great resource.

Ok, so last night I made a great stir fry with udon noodles (something neither hubby nor I had before) and I took pics, but they are stuck in the camera because I can’t find the cord. I promise when I do, I’ll post them because it really does look yummy.
As I type this the meat and veggies for tonights fajitas are marinating in the fridge. This time I’ll use the memory card so I don’t have to worry about having my pics held hostage again.


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Well I’m a little late posting dinner from last night, but I promise I will get better with this. Just so everyone knows dinner tonight was out with some friends at The Distillery here in Rochester.
So back to last night and the reason I love my crockpot. I know there are people who are terrified of crockpots but I think they are outstanding! It’s like having a personal chef and all you have to do is a little prep work.
The cassoulet that we had last night is a recipe that I got from my personal chef friends and tweaked slightly to suit my own tastes. But of course it adheres to the rules of eating whole foods. And it makes enough that I now have a meal squirreled away in the freezer for another night.
And as promised the Parmesan Popovers made their appearance after being missed earlier in the week. I have to say I think they need some tweaking as they were a little more moist than I would have liked and were really lacking in flavor. However I was surprised that I really couldn’t tell that there was tofu in them! There is a better picture of the popovers on flickr so if you follow on over you’ll find it and who knows, it might inspire you to try them too!
(If any of the recipes intrigue you, please let me know and I’ll try to share them with you. I’m just wary of posting them online without the proper permission.)

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