Rogan Josh

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Well tonight we took time off from cooking and went to our local Indian restaurant Tandoor Flame in Webster. I had never had Indian food before and several things caught my eye, so much so that deciding seemed an impossible task.
We started first with the assorted veggie appetizers which included veggie samosa, veggie pakoras, paneer pakoras and aloo tikki. In short it was veggies in chickpea flour and fried, cheese treated the same way and a wonderful peppery potato and pea cake.
Dinner for hubby was tandoori chicken, so much that he had 5 legs on the plate! Mine was the rogan josh that you see in the picture here and we both had basmati rice and naan. Both entrees were good, his chicken fell off the bone and was so flavorful but not overly spicy. My dish was pure heaven! Lamb in a super flavorful yogurt sauce which I spent the meal sopping up with both the rice and the naan. I did however stop myself halfway through so that I had lunch for tomorrow and room for sharing a dessert.
We had Kheer, which is a rice pudding, only with more liquid. We had the option of having the almonds, cashews and raisins on the top or left off. We chose to leave them off, but after a few tastes I was wishing we hadn’t. It was good and sweet and having the added items would have given us more texture and flavor… so maybe next time.
We will be back to try other things as this is a great little place and seems to be family run. As of this moment I’m on the hunt for the perfect recipe of Rogan Josh to make here at home… I swear it’s like crack!